Customer Relationship Management with ODOO

The customer relationship management (CRM) module is set up to manage information relating to customers, products / services, the partner journey from the prospect phase to the acquired / lost customer phase, purchase orders and invoices. This module also manages commercial reporting (number of prospects, number of sales, etc.)

CRM is a powerful tool for controlling your business, getting to know your customers better, analyzing and making the best decisions.


Customer form

All information relating to customers is centralized at the level of the file. It tells us about:

  • client status (active / not active)
  • the number of opportunity
  • the number of meetings, activities with the clientele
  • CA / client
  • List of customers (in Kanban view and in list view)
  • Pre-sales / prospecting / marketing management

The sales management module allows you to manage all the pre-sales processes, from prospecting to sales.



The tool allows you to create opportunities, and to make them evolve according to your pipeline. The opportunity sheet manages the actions to be taken for a prospect, the source of the opportunity, the expected income for an opportunity, marketing campaigns, etc. After each validated stage, the evolution towards a new stage is done by simple click or by drag and drop.

The configuration of the stages is flexible; it adapts to the company’s sales process.

Other stages can be created (e.g. definition of contract after the stage won).


Sales management

Its main features are:

  • Management of sales teams, actions, campaigns
  • Quote entry
  • Confirmation of the order
  • Configurable quote validation cycles
  • Sales sheet, types of invoices: deposit, partial, etc.


The dashboard centralizes all information on commercial activity. It provides an overview of:

  • goals
  • activities to do
  • performances
  • sales teams



Collecting data through CRM will allow a clear analysis of business activity. Odoo offers the possibility of easily having reports which can be in the form of a table, diagram or graph. the tool also allows you to choose these indicators to edit relevant reports as needed.

  • Table of expected income
  • Sales by customer report
  • Sales by seller report


Solution designed with ODOO

The customer relationship management solution has as its software base Odoo, formerly OpenERP, which is initially an open-source integrated management software package comprising numerous modules making it possible to simplify the management of a company as a whole. The software is used by more than four million users to manage their businesses around the world. Odoo is currently the most popular open source ERP in the world.

Baamtu has positioned itself as an integrator of open source solutions and Odoo integrated management software in particular, since 2009. The expertise on Odoo by Baamtu is recognized in Senegal and in the sub-region.

We have developed turnkey solutions based on the Odoo software package, among which can be cited:

Payoor, which is HR and payroll management software dedicated to companies under Senegalese law. This solution is currently used in several Senegalese companies (Staroil, Clinique Maïmouna etc.)

Mediciel, which allows you to manage a hospital establishment from start to finish. This solution is currently used in the Maïmouna clinic based in Rufisque and the Friendship clinic based in Dakar.

– Andandor, which is a sales force management software to optimize the performance of direct sales and tour teams

BCompta, which allows you to manage the accounting of a company with the edition of financial statements according to OHADA standards. This solution is used in several Senegalese companies (Nemaplast, CPH, etc.)

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