Mediciel: Management software for health structures and medical records

Medical management

Our solution is designed to improve the operational management of health structures through simple management of patient records while respecting the confidentiality and security of patient medical information. The Medicine module allows quick access to patient records. The patient’s journey is marked at each stage of a notification in his medical file. Caregivers have real-time access to data for centralized and seamless care coordination.

  • General information (Blood group, Rh)
  • Medical history (diseases)
  • Vaccination history
  • History of prescriptions and treatments
  • Management of general consultations with history
  • Pediatric information management
  • Management of gynecological consultations with history
  • Family planning information
  • Genetic risk information
  • Lifestyle information (diets, exercises, addictions, sexuality, safety)
  • Socio-economic information
  • Management of surgical operations and information
  • Laboratory tests
  • Document archiving (photos, scanners)
  • Management of newborns
  • Management of medical appointments
  • Hospitalization management
  • Bed and room management
  • Observation sheets (taking the constants)
  • Treatment monitoring
  • Management of entry and exit sheets
  • Evacuation management
  • Management of laboratory analyzes and tests
  • Billing of medical services


Patient’s medical record

The system offers an information form on the basic medical information of patients (blood group, rhesus). It presents the patient’s medical history and allows you to enter the day’s information.


Medical consultation

Our tool presents a structured management of appointments and the doctor consultation calendar thanks to:

  • fast entry and search of appointments
  • fine management of time slots
  • a reminder of the appointments by email.


Management of appointments

The ERP also includes:

  • The very detailed collection of vital and anthropometric signs (temperature measurement, control of diastolic and systolic pressure, blood sugar level, etc.);
  • A symptom checklist for diagnostic assistance (types of pain and intensity measurement, stress, sleep disturbances, etc.);
  • Mental status;
  • A diagnosis (hypothesis of the diagnosis, care plan, care procedures).


Treatment monitoring

The tool offers providers the choice of drugs prescribed from a predefined list and standardized by the WHO, while specifying the duration of treatment, the dosage and the frequency of administration. This will allow simple monitoring of medication intake. It therefore ensures better responsiveness to medical teams and flexibility in the face of the unexpected.



The patient’s stay in the hospital must be optimally organized through the management of admissions, beds and services. The proposed tool automates the allocation of rooms and beds according to the chosen category . So the manager of the service can have real-time information on the availability of beds, the period of occupation, the type of admission and the status. The worflow (draft? Canceled? Confirmed? Hospitalized? Free? Discharged) provides information on the patient’s admission status.

The system allows you to print:

  • The observation sheet
  • The hospital record
  • The exit ticket


Medical exams

The “Medical exams” menu includes laboratory tests and medical imaging. It makes it possible to follow the progress of medical analyzes and to integrate documents in each medical file (medical analyzes, letter from a practitioner etc.).


Solution designed with ODOO

The customer relationship management solution has as its software base Odoo, formerly OpenERP, which is initially an open-source integrated management software package comprising numerous modules making it possible to simplify the management of a company as a whole. The software is used by more than four million users to manage their businesses around the world. Odoo is currently the most popular open source ERP in the world.

Baamtu has positioned itself as an integrator of open source solutions and Odoo integrated management software in particular, since 2009. The expertise on Odoo by Baamtu is recognized in Senegal and in the sub-region.

We have developed turnkey solutions based on the Odoo software package, among which can be cited:

– Payoor, which is HR and payroll management software dedicated to companies under Senegalese law. This solution is currently used in several Senegalese companies (Staroil, Clinique Maïmouna etc.)

CRM, which is a customer relationship management software based on ODOO

– Andandor, which is a sales force management software to optimize the performance of direct sales and tour teams

– BCompta, which allows you to manage the accounting of a company with the edition of financial statements according to OHADA standards. This solution is used in several Senegalese companies (Nemaplast, CPH, etc.)

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