Payoor: Senegalese payroll management software

Pay sheets

Payroll editing is an important process within the HR department. Indeed, the salary improves the motivation of the staff, attracts the best skills and retains them. Also, its edition makes it possible to define the method of remuneration of the employees as well as the calculation of social and fiscal charges. The Pay module of our solution allows you to define the payment method for each type of contract.

The software offers flexibility in the configuration of salary lines, it is possible to add several salary lines for employees.

The system also allows the granting of loans which will be automatically deducted from salaries, with a clear reimbursement table which includes the amounts and the repayment dates. The software allows the generation of the pay slips individually or in batches. the contracts and salary structures are defined (see above), our solution allows by clicking on a button to generate all the pay slips for a given period. The pay slips are then generated in PDF format. The tool allows to generate a pay slip by filling in the net. The salary lines are automatically calculated thanks to the reverse calculation button. To simplify the task of administrative managers as much as possible, Baamtu has already implemented Senegalese payroll. As a result, the calculation of monthly contributions (IPM, CSS, etc.) is automated. , as well as the generation of state 1024.


Management of the repository of employees receiving pay slips

Baamtu offers a centralized tool which allows you to gather all the information concerning your employees in one place :

  • Basic information: surname, first names, address, telephone, etc.
  • Public information: post, department, manager, etc.
  • Personal information: nationality, national identification number, bank account number, number of children, number of shares, gross stock, etc.
  • Information on contracts: types of contracts, duration, etc.
  • Information on agreements: types of agreements, categories, etc.


Leave and absence management

The management of leaves and absences is an essential component of human resources management (HRM) and its outcome being payroll management, our solution allows you to have precise information concerning the leave of your employees, clearly communicate the balances of holidays, to keep a history of holidays while having a view in real time.
The calculation of vacation days integrated in this software respects the collective agreement.
The system offers a list of types of preconfigured leave (Paid or unpaid leave, sick leave, days of compensation, etc.), integration of Senegalese public holidays and the possibility of creating new types of leave.

The leave management module is as simple as it is effective. Each employee connects and fulfills their leave requests. A workflow will allow the leave manager to approve or refuse the request. A calendar view allows you to view all the leave requests. When an employee makes a leave or absence request, his manager will be notified by email, This will validate or refuse the request. The request will follow a validation chain defined according to the organization chart. A notification will be sent to the employee as well as to the approver when the request is approved or refused. leave the approver can delegate his rights.


Management of the issuance of administrative documents

With the experience acquired in the establishment of a management information system and administrative documents for the State Information Agency (ADIE), Baamtu is able to set up a powerful tool for process automation and generation of administrative documents through :

  • Management of models and standard documents,
  • A unified graphic charter,
  • Notifications regarding requests and their validation
  • Document validation circuits (Workflow)
  • Electronic signature and validation

Payroll reports

This is system data which is aggregated and represented in the form of dynamic graphs or summary tables. All the functionalities mentioned above already integrate a reporting system. In addition, in addition to these predefined dashboards, Odoo allows you to define your own reports.

Here are some pre-established reports in the solution:

  • State 1024

  • Payroll

  • Statement of monthly contributions

  • Cumulative pay by employees

  • Summary statement of salary salaries

  • Creation of automated reporting

Calculation of crude from the net

From a net salary, the tool can give you the corresponding gross. The information to be filled in is: the category of the employee, the shares, the net.


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